MF 970

Key Features

  • kwa
  • Manufactured in
    the UK
  • Many standard
    Long Service
  • Scania and Perkins
    Advanced Digital

MF 970 Fuel Optimised Range - Three Phase

Model Phase Prime - 50Hz* Standby - 50Hz* Prime - 60Hz** Standby - 60Hz**
MF 280 Three 250.0kVA 280.0kVA 225.0kW 250.0kW
MF 310 Three 280.0kVA 310.0kVA 245.0kW 275.0kW
MF 330 Three 300.0kVA 330.0kVA 260.0kW 295.0kW
MF 360 Three 330.0kVA 360.0kVA 290.0kW 330.0kW
MF 375 Three 350.0kVA 375.0kVA 310.0kW 350.0kW
MF 400 Three 370.0kVA 400.0kVA 330.0kW 370.0kW
MF 440 Three 400.0kVA 440.0kVA 345.0kW 400.0kW
MF 460 Three 410.0kVA 460.0kVA 360.0kW 410.0kW
MF 500 Three 450.0kVA 500.0kVA 400.0kW 445.0kW
MF 550 Three 500.0kVA 550.0kVA - -
MF 600 Three 550.0kVA 600.0kVA 430.0kW 475.0kW
MF 660 Three 600.0kVA 660.0kVA 520.0kW 575.0kW
MF 710 Three 710.0kVA 710.0kVA 570.0kW 625.0kW

* Ratings at 3ph, 400/230V, 3ph  |  ** Ratings at 480/277V, 3ph  |  - Not Available

MF 970 Stage IIIA Emissions Compliant Range - Three Phase

Model Phase Prime - 50Hz*
MF 280 Three 250.0kVA
MF 310 Three 280.0kVA
MF 330 Three 300.0kVA
MF 360 Three 330.0kVA
MF 375 Three 350.0kVA
MF 400 Three 370.0kVA
MF 440 Three 400.0kVA
MF 460 Three 410.0kVA
MF 550 Three 500.0kVA
MF 600 Three 550.0kVA

* Ratings at 3ph, 400/230V, 3ph


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